About US

Dualla-Ballytarsna-Boherlahan AC, located in Dualla, we cater for all standards! All coaches and committee members are volunteers.

Founded in 2021, some people may think that running clubs are exclusive, that you need to be a great athlete to join a running club or Athletics club but at DBB AC we cater for all levels. The Club caters to athletes in a variety of disciplines from juvenile to veteran, novice, beginners to elite level, and everything in between.

Our Philosophy is that Athletics is for all...
Our aim at DBB AC is to encourage and support people of all abilities and standards of running, from the ‘fun’ runner to the ‘elite’ athlete. We are a Running Club with over 20 coaches.

The club welcomes members who wish to be active and train at a level appropriate to their fitness and ambition. If you want to have fun while getting in shape, meet new people and improve your running, you have come to the right place.

Find out how we can best help you achieve your goals and passions below and learn how joining today will bring you a fitter tomorrow!


DBB AC provides sporting activities and opportunities to children, young people and vulnerable adults through training and participation in events.

We are fully committed to ensuring that young people are safeguarded in their participation in athletics.  Early experiences of young athletes in our sport need to be positive and enjoyable, irrespective of ability, gender, social or ethnic background.

As an affiliated club of Athletics Ireland (AI), we operate under their guidance, safeguarding code and policies, all of which are in line with requirements laid out under the Children First Act 2015.

Child Welfare Contacts

Club Children’s Officer (CCO): Karen Sayers: Karen.sayers77@gmail.com

Designated Liaison Person (DLP): Corrie Dwyer: corriedwyer@hotmail.com

Mandated Person: Athletics Ireland National Children’s Officer: Kieron Stout, kieronstout@athleticsireland.ie. 086 2450134

Club Policies